Mobile Apps, Video And Social – Oh My

Smart phones offer users a wide variety of features & functions.  Consumers have high engagement with many of them – three that ranknear the top in regard to engagement are app usage, mobile video and social networking.  These functions can also help you deliver your message to these mobile consumers.

• The average US smart phone owner has 26 apps installed on their phone –  6 of which are paid apps

• The average smart phone owner has used 11 apps in the past 30 days

• Three-quarters of smart phone owners have watched mobile videos. 26% watch mobile video on a daily basis

• Almost 80% of smart phone owners accessed a social network. Over half of owners use their device at least once a day for social networking

What Does This Mean To You?

All three of these functions can have a positive effect on your bottom line.  Smart phone owners don’t just like apps, they notice ads on them. While developing your own app could be very costly, there are several ways to get your message on local and nationally branded apps.   Mobile devices also offer you a great way to deliver video content and consumers are extremely interested in watching mobile product based video.  A recent post detailed how beneficial these videos can be.  With so many shoppers using mobile devices in store, mobile social networking can help your business be seen in the best light.  By effectively leveraging your message and positive reviews, you should be able to keep shoppers in your stores and keep them from moving to a competitor.  For more information on emerging mobile strategies that can help your business grow, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Google Study February 2012


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