Why Do People Like?

Social media is constantly evolving.  If you plan on marketing yourself through social media, you need to stay up on the latest trends. Yesterday’s post talked about the reasons why consumers signed up to receive emails from a business or nonprofit.  The same study detailed information on why consumers “like” a business on nonprofit on Facebook.

• Over 40% “like” to get discounts and special offers

• Nearly 30% are looking to take advantage of a specific promotional opportunity

• 27% are current customers or supporters

• One in four want to support the business or nonprofit

• 23% are looking for exclusive content

• Over 20% want to show everyone that they support certain businesses or nonprofits

What Does This Mean To You?

Social networking doesn’t just offer your business the ability to connect with and engage potential customers, it gives you the ability to take a satisfied customer and turn them into a huge promotional voice.  The fact that over one in five “likers” took action just to tell the world how much of a happy customer they are, is amazing.  These aren’t just consumers, they are brand evangelists.  They are an extension of your social media marketing campaign.  Cultivate and reward “likers” and watch how their numbers will grow.  One thing to remember is that “likers” can be fickle as well.  Make sure you are serving them valuable offers and content they want.  Last year, there was research that 60% of “likers” disengaged with brands because of they did not find the communication from the brands valuable.  Getting the “likes” is just the first step – do it organically.  Make sure your social media plan goes beyond just collecting “likers”, have a strategy for kepping them as well.  For more information on winning social media strategies, please contact your Orlando Sentinel Media Group representative or:
Al Fiala
Advertising Research Supervisor

Source: Emarketer; Chadwick Martin Bailey


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