Mobile App Explosion

Last week, we featured a post on mobile consumer’s use of apps.  A new research study has been released that gives a long-term look at app usage and how it will affect mobile commerce.

• Last year, consumers downloaded 31 billion mobile apps

• By 2016, that number is expected to reach over 66 billion app downloads

• Revenue from consumer mobile apps is projected to reach nearly $52 billion 2016 – with tablets seeing a big boost as a revenue creator

• In 2011, tablets generated 7% of all mobile revenue

• Tablet generated revenue is expected to grow by 51% every year through 2015.  By 2015, Tablets will create 25% of mobile revenue

What Does This Mean To You?

Whether consumers are using their smart phones on-the-go or using tablets in their living room – the apps they utilize could mean big money to your business.  The conversion from feature phone to smart phone continues at a rapid pace and tablet purchasing is skyrocketing. Apps not only expand your marketplace, they also put your message into the hands of a valuable audience.  Mobile device owners across the country are more likely to have high household incomes, work in White-Collar occupations and have children in their household.  There are many effective and efficient ways for you to brand your business on apps and still target your local customers.  For more information on how to turn app usage into a revenue stream, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Marketer, Juniper Research, The 2011 Scarborough
Multi-Market Report, Release 1

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