The Digital Ad Units Consumers Like

There are nearly countless ways for your business to connect with consumers digitally. With so many digital touchpoints at your disposal, have you ever wondered which ones the consumers like the most? A study has been released that chronicles how consumers feel about a variety of digital solutions.

• Nearly half of consumers had positive feelings toward email ads

• Over 30% felt that video pre-roll ads were effective and gave the information consumers needed

• More than one in four liked Facebook ads

• Roughly 20% were positive about banner ads, in-game ads and mobile ads.  All three of these types of ads had neutral scores of 30% or higher

• The two lowest scoring ads were audio ads with a negative score of nearly 60% and pop up ads with a negative score of 70%

What Does This Mean To You?

We know that the type of ad isn’t as important as the content of the ad.  But possibly the reason email scored high is the fact that email communication is opt-in and consumers know they are going to receive it.  Also, it is usually targeted, so it’s an offer the consumer will probably like.  Targeting is something that you can do to increase the effectiveness of any offer.  Whether it’s targeted geographically, behaviorally, by page content or by lifestyle – the more relevant you can make your ad to the audience the more positive they are likely to feel about it.  We’ve seen from other research that video advertising has tremendous recall and that consumers want product based video.  If there is one take away from this report, it’s that you should avoid pop up ads like the plague.  Only 12% of consumers felt favorable about pop up ads. For more information on ways to connect and engage with your target audiences,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Adpropo


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