Product Based Videos Extend User Experience Engagement

Recently, we had a post about how consumers actively looked for mobile product videos.  It seems that theses product based videos don’t need to be mobile to get consumers’ attention.

• 67% of consumers watch product based videos they encounter

• More than a third of consumers have watched 5 or more product based videos in the past 3 months

• Videos that educated consumers about a particular category of product they planned to purchase had the highest engagement – 85% of consumers watched them for more than 1 minute.  62% watched for more than 2 minutes

• 57% watched 2 or more minutes of a video that included a product demonstration

• Over 40% watched 2 or more minutes of a product branding video

• Product based videos that did not contain a demonstration scored the worst – 70% watched less than 2 minutes of these types of video

What Does This Mean To You?

Product based videos give your company and your offerings the visibility and attention they deserve.  Research shows that consumers look for and watch them.  There are things you can do to make them more engaging and have consumers spend more time with them.  Information and product demonstrations are two that are key.  Showing the look, feel and operation of your products are very important.  Consumers want to know as much about what they spending their money on as possible. Also, they want to know the reasons behind why they should buy – make any category information relevant and easy to understand.  For more information on how to get more consumers to see your product based video,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Adpropo


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