Where Smart Shoppers Use Their Devices

Yesterday’s post featured information on the growing consumer segment known as “smart shoppers”.  These are consumers who use their smart phones to aid them in the purchase process.  These “smart shoppers” are certainly a group you cannot ignore.  By the end of this year, it is estimated that there will be over 115 million smart phone users nationwide and over 176 million by 2015. Knowing where smart shoppers are using their device is as important as what activities they are participating in.

• Over 80% of smart shoppers use their device before arriving at the store – that equals nearly half of all smart phone owners

• Over half of “smart shoppers” and nearly 40% of smart phone owners utilize their device once they arrive at the store or aisle they are shopping in

• Among “smart shoppers” 44% use their mobile device in the aisle where the product they are researching is located

• Nearly one in four “smart shoppers” use their device after leaving the store

What Does This Mean To You?

It’s evident that “smart shoppers” are doing their homework and researching before they hit the stores.  This pre-shopping activity indicates that “smart shoppers” are using their mobile devices to decide whether going to the retail store is worth their time.  There are several things you can do to make sure that these “smart shoppers” find value in your products and that the travel to your location is worth it.  First is having a mobile site.  If a consumer gets frustrated trying to navigate your site on their mobile device, how likely is it that they will come to your location?  Also make sure you are promoting your specials and anything that sets you apart from the competition.  This helps instill a value in your location vs. a competitor’s store.  Put a focus on why you are the best choice for their shopping.  Using email and text campaigns will also help keep your products and services top of mind.  With 44% of “smart shoppers” going to their mobile device on the aisle where the products are, QR codes can be positive solution. These codes can help you direct them to a message you want them to see and it saves “smart shoppers” the hassle of typing in a web address or accessing an application.  For more information on attracting mobile consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarter; Leo J Shapiro & Associates


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