Moms on Social Media

Mom’s are a great target audience, but one of the challenges in connecting with them is time.  Capturing and holding their attention can be tough, so you need to make the most out of every opportunity you have to forge a relationship.  A new study shows that social networks give you an excellent opportunity to form bonds with this valuable consumer segment

•   Over 60% of moms talk about the brands they follow on Facebook

•   Nearly six in 10 recommend companies through social networks

•   Over half link to companies ads on
social media

•   49% discuss brands or companies through social media after seeing their
ads elsewhere

•   More than 40% post to a brand’s ad

•   Over one in four moms post content about brands or companies

What Does This Mean To You?

M may stand for the many things she gave us, but it also stands for money.  While moms may not be spending it all on themselves, they are often the spending decision makers for the family.  Targeting, embracing and cultivating moms as social media followers can mean big dollars.  44% of moms surveyed said they are more likely to purchase from companies or brands they “Like” over ones they don’t. Moms also are actively engaged with brands through social networks and will post about their experiences.  In tomorrow’s post, we’ll give more information on moms and social media engagement.  For more information on targeting moms and how to keep your reputation positive through social networks, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source:; ROI Research


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