How Moms Engage With Social Media

In yesterday’s post, we talked about the benefits of targeting moms with social media.  Today, we’ll look at how moms engage with social media and why it could be a positive thing for your organization.

•   Over half of moms have “liked” a post

•   45% have read a company’s post in
their newsfeed

•   Roughly 40% have either visited a company’s Facebook page or  a company’s website through links on a Facebook page

•   41% have read comments others have made on company Facebook pages

•   Three in 10 have made comments on a company’s Facebook page

•   More than one in five have uploaded a picture or video to a company’s Facebook page

What Does This Mean To You?

In the past month, Over 70% of women with children in their household have visited a social media site. Moms are highly engaged with these sites, primarily Facebook.  They are open to receiving messages from advertisers and are influenced by messages left by others.   Nearly two-thirds of moms said they learned about a product or service through a social networking site and over half said they followed up because of recommendations. This is just more evidence that your social reputation is very valuable.  For more information on how to increase your engagement levels through all media, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source:; ROI Research, The 2011 Scarborough  Multi-Market Study, Release 1


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