Social Media And Online Shopping

A recent post pointed to the fact that ecommerce was set to have a big jump.  A recently released study showed how online shopping and social media activities are connected.  Leveraging your social media offerings will not only elevate your company’s awareness, it could also drive your online revenue stream.

•   One in four frequent online shoppers who also log into their Facebook account on a monthly basis have made purchases based on social recommendations

•   Over 60% of consumers have read a friend’s Facebook comments about
a brand

•   Over half say they have learned about a company or a brand because of a friend’s social comments

•   Three out of five online shoppers are more likely to stay and shop on a site if they are shown that their friends have used the site as well

•   Almost 60% are more likely to make purchases if they know their friends have purchased as well

What Does This Mean To You?

Social media’s affect on ecommerce is huge.  Consumers not only pay
attention to other users recommendations through social media, many
consumers learn about brands because of what other users have written.
Your social reputation is a virtual testimonial.  Positive comments equal
more engagement and consumer activity and negative comments mean
that shoppers are more likely to move on.  What is your company’s social marketing strategy?  How do you deal with negative comments? Not paying attention to what is said about you or not responding to social comments
can drastically affect your ecommerce dollars.  For more information on
creating winning ecommerce strategies and reputation management,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Marketing Charts;ROI Research; Performics; Sociable Labs


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