Smart Phone Owners Are Locally Engaged

Forging relationships and creating engagement with local consumers is a key success factor with most businesses.  Shoppers are creatures of habit – if you can make shopping at your business part of their routine, you’re likely to see great results.  A new survey is out and it details how smart phone users use their devices to find local businesses.

•   Over 90% of U.S. smart phone users seek local information on their device

•   89% have taken action after looking for local content

•   Over half called the business and nearly half visited the location

•   49% looked up the business on a map

•   One in four made a purchase from the business they looked for

•   More than one in five made an online purchase from them

What Does This Mean To You?

Smart phone users are actively seeking out local businesses with most taking some form of action – and you might not even know it.  Mobile devices are user’s constant companions, so it only makes sense that it’s the device they would turn to when they need information.  One thing that will ensure you get results from smart phone users is moving up their information funnel.  A majority of mobile users utilize search engines on their devices. Your business needs to be listed first or near the top in relevant categories.  This will create more awareness with mobile and wired users.  Mobile Email – earlier this week, we had a post about how effective mobile email can be.  70% of consumers see email on their mobile device before their desktop.  Campaigns involving text messaging and geo-location can also increase engagement and brand awareness. Every day, more consumers are using smart phones and that means more possible customers for your local business.  For more information engaging mobile consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Google Study, February 2012


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