Smart Phone Ownership by Ethnicity

Delivering targeted messages doesn’t just make your marketing campaigns more efficient, it also makes them much more effective. Recent studies point to the fact that targeted ads deliver bigger returns.  Mobile solutions are a great way to connect with target audiences and targeting by ethnicity is one way to engage the consumers you want to reach.

• Total smart phone owners:
2012: 37%, 2016 – 59%

• Asian smart phone owners:
2012 – 44%, 2016 – 62%

• Caucasian smart phone owners: 2012 – 35%, 2016 – 59%

• African-American smart phone owners: 2012 – 34%, 2016 – 54%

• Hispanic smart phone owners: 2012 – 37%, 2016 – 63%

What Does This Mean To You?

Currently in Metro Orlando, 29% of Caucasian adults, 45% of Asian adults, 24% of African-American adults and 35% of Hispanic adults own smart phones.  By utilizing content that these ethnicities prefer, you can create product awareness and use smart phones as a platform that develops loyalty.  For more information on mobile content and solutions that engages audiences, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: emarketer


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