Reaching American-American Consumers Via Mobile

Yesterday’s post detailed U.S. smart phone penetration by ethnicity.  It showed that African-American smart phone ownership is going to increase by nearly 60% by 2016.  African-American consumers are an important population segment that can bring your business big results.  Knowing how African-American smart phone owners feel about their device points to how important mobile will be in reaching them.

• African American smart phone owners were 15% more likely to state that they use mobile devices in many ways to get the information they need

• They were 13% more likely to say that their device connects them to the social world

• African-American smart phone owners were also 42% more likely to think their device is an expression of who they were

• 55% of African-American smart phone owners between the age of 18-34 viewed their mobile device as the way they get information

• Nearly 40% of African-American consumers between  35-49 thought their device connected them socially

• Just 13% of African American smart phone owners stated their device was an expression of themselves

What Does This Mean To You?

In Metro Orlando, African-American adults make up 14% of the population.  Nearly one in four have household incomes of $75,000+.  Over half have attended college and 49% have children living in their household.  Mobile devices allow you the opportunity to deliver your message to this lucrative group and create meaningful engagement.  For more information on getting results through targeted mobile campaigns, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: emarketer


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