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Connect With Execs Via Mobile

When it comes to the world of B2B, success is based on relationships with decision makers. Keeping lines of communications open with these senior execs is paramount and mobile is becoming one of the best ways to connect with them.  A new study has been released that shows just how much senior executives use mobile devices.

• Over one-third of senior executives use their mobile devices during the work day

• Nearly one in four use it during their commute

• Nearly 30% use them after work and 27% use their mobile devices over the weekends

• Senior executives also rely on their mobile devices while on vacations – nearly 80% of them take their mobile devices while on vacation and use it all the time.

What Does This Mean To You

Just like you, executives today are busier than ever and the portability of mobile means that they can stay connected wherever they are.  When it comes to doing business with executives, mobile can keep you top of mind but remember there are boundaries. Over 70% of consumers will check their email on a mobile device before a standard wired computer – but that doesn’t give you permission to over communicate.  The same goes with texting – don’t just blanket these executives with texts because you have the ability, get permission first.  Also remember that your verbiage needs to amended for use on mobile devices.  Be concise and make sure any links you send take the receiver to a mobile site.  For more information on targeting decision makers, please contact:
Al Fiala

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Mobile Coupons Lead To Action

People love to save money.  People are also addicted to their smart phones – so it only makes sense that mobile coupons are a hit with smart phone users. Not only do smart phones offer retailers an easy way to target customers, smart phones make it easy to store & redeem coupons.  Since device owners are seldom without their device, it’s hard for them to forget the coupons.

40% of smart phone users redeem mobile coupons

• Over 70% of mobile couponers said they were interested in an app to find deals

• More than four in 10 used a smart phone to specifically find mobile coupons for daily deal programs

• Nearly 40% were interested in finding mobile coupons specifically for
grocery stores

• Almost one in four consumers were interested in using mobile coupons
for free samples or trail offers

•`Nearly 30% of consumers were interested in using printable coupons
from their mobile devices

What Does This Mean To You

“Showrooming” is a big concern for many businesses and mobile coupons can be one solution that keeps consumers in your brick and mortar store vs. going online and making a purchase.  One of the keys to making mobile coupons successful is promoting the fact you offer them.  In store signage, store web sitye and promotion through mobile campaigns are important vehicles in getting the word out.  Having people sign up for mobile coupons also gives you a great database to mine later.  Just make sure you follow SPAM rules if you are going to email from it and make sure your offers remain relevant.   Nearly one in four Central Florida adults currently get coupons via email of text message.  For more information on how you can benefit from mobile coupons, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Harris Interactive;; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1

High Tech Babysitters

The long Memorial Day weekend is passed. That means schools will be getting out soon and the start of the summer travel season.  While many of us remember the cross-country road trips to see relatives – being put in the way-back of the station wagon and hearing our folks often say “don’t make me pull over”, today’s parents have high-tech tools that would have been very much appreciated back then.  A new survey on the digital devices that moms use as in-vehicle babysitters will probably make you question whether today’s kids even know about the license plate game.

• Nearly half of moms use a car DVD or video player to kid kids engaged while on a car trip

• Four in 10 use a Nintendo DS

• Almost 40% use a smart phone

• Over one in four keep kids entertained with an iPad or other tablet device

• 25% employ an iPod

• Nearly one in five give kids a laptop or netbook to use

• 16% use an ereader device

•  15% use an iPod Touch

What Does This Mean To You

Kids may not make lots of purchases themselves, but they certainly influence much of what parents buy.  If you have products that are youth focused, digital devices give you a great avenue to get your message out there.  With so many parents employing tablets and smart phones, look for youth-oriented apps and games as a delivery agent.  Also, now is the time to start promoting items like portable DVD players and video game systems.  For more information on digitally connecting with travelers,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Mom Central Consulting

Deal Oriented Moms

Over the past couple of years, deals programs have become one of the ways consumers save money. Moms, very often being the keepers of the household purse strings, are on the look-out for ways to stretch the family budget. So it just makes sense that deals programs are one of the places moms are turning for savings.

• Nearly 30% of moms are registered with a daily deal program

• Moms are nearly twice as likely as consumers as a whole top take part in daily deals

• Over 90% of moms who are registered with a deal program are registered with Groupon, 36% use LivingSocial and 11% use a different provider

• 26% of moms in deals programs purchased deals from a business they already patronize

• Nearly one in four moms in a deals program visited a business because there was a deal and continue to do businesses with them

• Just over one-third of moms participating in deals programs tried a business because of the deal, but haven’t returned

What Does This Mean To You

We’ve shown you how important moms are as a consumer base. In Metro Orlando, nearly half of all participants in deals programs are women with children in their households. They are a great way to aquire new customers, including the important mom segment. Six in 10 moms tried a business because of a deal. For more information on how deals programs can help your business acquire new customers and ways to keep them shopping at your location,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Edison Research; Arbitron; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1

Socially Engaged Moms

Social media can be an effective strategy for reaching a variety of different population segments. Recently, we published a post on the social activity of moms.  A new study has been released that gives another view of how moms access social media.

• Over seven in 10 moms have a profile on Facebook

• More than 45% of moms say they access social networking several times a day

• From 2011 to 2012, the percentage of moms who are very active on social media sites has increased by nearly a quarter

• On average, moms check their Facebook page 4.7 times per day – that’s more than overall Facebook users and over twice as much as dads

• Over one-third of Moms have over 300 Facebook friends, the average is 255

• Nearly 80% of moms are Facebook friends with their kids

What Does This Mean To You

Nearly three-quarters of Metro Orlando women with children in their household have accessed a social networking site in the past 30 days and over a third have accessed from a mobile device.
Just how valuable are socially active moms in Metro Orlando?

• Over 60% of adults who plan to buy a home in the next year are socially networked moms

• Moms on social networks make up over half of the market’s planned
furniture buyers

• Nearly half of all adults who plan to buy a vehicle in the next year are moms on social networks

That’s just a small sample of the ways socially networking women with children in the household can help your bottom line.  From prior research, we know that moms on social media pay attention to reviews and other users comments – especially reviews from other moms.  This makes social reputation management extremely important.  The time you spend on reviewing your social reputation is well spent.  Negative information can cost you sales.  For more information on social media marketing and reputation management,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Edison Research; Arbitron; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1

Moms Are Tech Savvy

In 1966,, The Rolling Stones released “Mother’s Little Helper” as a single.  While it may have been over 45 years ago, moms still need help to get through their busy day – but it might not be little yellow pills that are giving them the assistance they need.  Technology has stepped into that role.  A recent study
reveals some interesting things about moms & technology.

• Over 90% of moms access the internet.  On average, moms spend over 2:40 minutes a day online

• On average, moms have 4 internet connected devices in their home

• Moms are 38% more likely than the average consumers to own a tablet computer

• Over six in 10 moms are smart phone owners

• From 2011 to 2012, smart phone ownership among moms jumped nearly 70%

• Over 90% of moms say they keep their smart phone within a arm’s length at
all times

• In the past month, over half of moms with Internet access has visited YouTube

• 52% have shared a YouTube video in the past month

What Does This Mean To You

Moms are a valuable audience for your business and they are increasingly becoming digitally connected.  Their engagement with mobile and online video gives you a great pathway to reach them.  Over half of Metro Orlando women with children in their household own a smart phone and nearly 40% watch video on either a mobile or desktop device. They are also more likely than the market to have shopped via mobile device or to have made an online purchase in the past year.  For more information on how you can leverage the lucrative mom market , please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Edison Research; Arbitron; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1

Digital Attitudes of Asian-Americans

In yesterday’s post, we learned just how digitally savvy Asian-American consumers are.  In today’s post, we’ll examine a report on the attitudes of Asian-American internet users on digital devices.

• 64% of Asian-Americans said that the internet has changed the way they spend their free time – that’s 38% higher than overall internet users

• 61% of Asian-Americans stated that the internet helps them book travel

• Six in 10 said they trust information on websites they have heard a lot about

• 55% indicated that it was important for them to have internet access when they are away from home or work

• Over half believe that the internet has changed the ways they shop for products and believe they are using the internet now more than ever for shopping

• Over 30% think they are sleeping less because of the Internet

What Does This Mean To You

Asian-Americans are digitally engaged.  Their heavy use and trust of the internet can mean positive things for your ecommerce programs.  It all starts with a good targeting plan.  What kind of audience targeting are you currently doing? Targeting can take several forms – behavioral, geographic, lifestyle, ethnicity and content targeting are just a few.  Targeting can help you create the most effective and efficient marketing campaigns possible.  For more information on the many different ways you can target audiences, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; Experian