Internet Users Rely on Grocery Coupons

Grocery shopping is one of those things that people either love or hate. Some people look at it is as  their weekly chance to discover new products and try new foods.  Others see it as a trip to a big, crowed box where people hit you with their carts and the checkout people smooshes your bread.  Either way  coupons play a big part in what people buy, particularly with Internet users.

• In total, nearly 70% of online adults use circulars make their grocery list

• Half use store circulars to create
the list

• 42% use coupons to make their list

• Just 9% use the internet to make
their list

• Over 70% of Baby Boomers and Generation X adults use coupons and circulars to create their shopping lists

What Does This Mean To You

Consumers look to coupons to save money. It also helps them plan their shopping.  Although this study centered around grocery shopping, coupons can help most businesses  create awareness and develop loyal customers.   In these tough economic times, consumers will often try different brands, other stores and new products to conserve cash.  For more on how coupons can help you grow your business, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; SymphonyIRI; The Integer Group, M/A/R/C Research

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