Where Consumers Use Tablets

The advent of WiFi was the first step in the un-tethering of computers. The connections might have been slow and laptops were a little bulky, but at least your computer wasn’t tied to a certain place.  The tablet changed the dynamic, not only could you use it wirelessly – it’s relatively light.  Users can now use it basically anywhere they can get a signal.  A new study is out that explains where consumers use their tablets both inside and outside the home.

• 74% of consumers use their tablets primarily at home

• Among in home locations, 96% of tablet owners use their device in the living room and 94% in the bedroom

• Three-quarters use them in a home office setting and seven in ten use their tablets on the porch

• Nearly 70% utilize tablets in the kitchen and nearly two-thirds use them in the dining room

• 53% will use them in a children’s room

• And the top reason I don’t use other people’s tablets, nearly half of those surveyed use the tablet in the bathroom

• The top 5 out of home use locations are airports/airplanes – 80%, coffee shop – 72%, outdoor/public place – 64%, appointments 64% and work – 59%

What Does This Mean To You

The majority of tablet use takes place at home, this maybe because of the expense of the device and tablet’s larger size. The key component is the fact that tablets main use are in the living room – the same place where people usually have their TV. Some consumers’ maybe using the device as a television companion, but it’s more likely that tablets are rivaling the TV for attention.  And because it’s a little hard to move a 46 inch plasma as you travel from room to room, tablets are probably getting a large portion of consideration.  For more information on how your business can benefit from consumer interest in tablets, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Viacom


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