Tablets As Research Tools

The portability and functionality of tablet computers are just two of the factors that have made them so popular.   In yesterday’s post, we chronicled research that showed most tablet use takes place in living room. Combine that with information that shows peak tablet use takes place during the evening hours and it’s just more the evidence that tablets are an important second screen in user’s lives.   A recent study shows us how consumers are using tablets as purchase decision making devices

• 80% of tablet owners research and buy products using their devices

• 23% use them in conjunction with laptops or desktops when researching and buying

• One in five tablets in the morning
or evening to make purchases or
investigate products

• Nearly 20% use them with smart phones during the research and purchase process

• One in six use tablets throughout the day to look up and buy products

What Does This Mean To You

Between iPads and the numerous Android tablets, it’s estimated that over 55 million U.S. consumers will own a tablet by the end of the year.  In Metro Orlando, over 200,000 adults either own or plan to buy a tablet in the next 12 months.  The fact that so many consumers are moving towards tablets is something you should pay attention to.   Does your website have a tablet only version? Much like mobile – it’s a version that will only display on tablets.  View your site on a tablet – is it easy to navigate? Does the purchase process move simply?  Is it intuitive?  Tablets have made shopper lives easier and that’s why they continue to use them to research and buy products.  If your site’s user experience on a tablet is cumbersome – consumers will move along to a competitor.  Also, tablet owners are looking for information on what to buy and where to shop for them – what does your online reputation look like?  Reviews and customer comments can either be a glowing testimonial or a stop sign for buyers.  Reputation management will only become more important as more and more people move to digital purchasing.  For more information on how to get great results through tablets, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; Local Corp; e-tailing group


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