Wealthy Smart Phone Owners

Affluent consumers enjoy personal service and many of them are willing to pay more for items to get top flight service.  Many wealthy smart phone owners forgo the upper crust in-store expierence for the convenience of mobile.  A new research study examined mobile purchasing and app attitudes among smart phone owners making $150,000+.

• 60% of wealthy US consumers own a smart phone, 80% of them have downloaded an app

• More than one in five make at least one mobile purchase on a weekly basis

• Nearly 30% make monthly mobile purchases

• 14% have made them in the past year

• Nearly 40% have never made a mobile purchase

The top five things affluent smart phone owners want in a luxury brand app are:

• Loyalty programs – 46%

• Early access to sales – 45%

• Exclusive updates about new products – 39%

• Exclusive offers for downloading app – 36%

• Early access or sneak peeks to new products – 36%

What Does This Mean To You

In Metro Orlando, 75% of adults with incomes of $100,000+ own smart phones.  One-third of affluent smart phone owners in the market have shopped via their device and over half have downloaded an app.  Even though this study centered on wealthy mobile users, what they are looking for in an app is almost universal.  Consumers would like to save money and want exclusive content. If you are looking to develop your own app or brand yourself through someone else’s, these are things that you should remember.  For more information on developing new revenue streams from apps, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; Luxury Institute; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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