Bright Outlook for Ecommerce

While many business sectors are still struggling, 2012 looks to be a record setting year for ecommerce and the e trend looks to continue for the next several years. A new report looks at total ecommerce spending and spending by user.

• In 2012, it is estimated that online spending by user will hit $1,042 – the first time ecommerce has gone above $1,000 per user

• Year over year, digital dollars are projected to increase 10%

• Total US B2C digital spending is projected to hit over $340 billion this year

• By 2015, ecommerce is forecast to hit nearly $515 billion – that’s an increase of over 33% from this year

What Does This Mean To You

Long gone are the days when consumers were afraid to make online purchases.  Ecommerce is seen as a convenience among consumers. In Metro Orlando, nearly two-thirds of adults have an online purchase in the past year.  The top items purchased online were books, airline tickets and clothing.  But many categories have seen double digit sales growth year over year.  Does your site offer users the ability to buy online?  What is the sales user experience like?  With the amount of money being spend online, it only makes sense for your business to allow your customers the convenience of online buying.  For more information on how to make ecommerce work for you, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; GroupM


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