Consumers Want Content

Across the country, consumer’s desire for digital content has not slowed down.  Whether it’s watching online video, surfing the internet or checking email, people are spending huge amounts of time engaged digitally.  A new study has been released that shows us just how much time U.S. consumers spend with online content on a weekly basis.

• Less than 10 hours – 12%

• 11-20 hours – 33%

• 21-30 hours – 23%

• 31-40 hours – 16%

• 40 hours + – 15%

What Does This Mean To You

The longer people stay online, the more chances they have to see your digital message.  But they will also see more digital messages in general.
To make sure your message gets the attention it disserves, there are several things you can do:

Put your message where it is likely to be seen by your target audience – Targeting is one of the most effective and efficient ways to get the awareness you need among the audience you want

Utilize site with engaging content – Consumers spend more time with great content, look for vehicles that provide the content readers want

Make your message more engaging – Rich media and online video are great features that get readers attention.  These types of ad units also have much
better recall

Look for premium positioning – Make your add stand out, premium positions will give you the awareness you want

Keeping your name top of mind with consumers is very important – remind them why your business is the best solution for their needs.  For more information on digitally turning consumers into customers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: JZ Analytics; Broadcom; Emarketer


3 responses to “Consumers Want Content

  1. Kudos to your audience targeting bullet!

    • Lon – Thanks! Targeting is possibly the most important part of creating any marketing campaign. You need to know who you want to reach and then find vehicles that do the best job of it. Sometimes businesses don’t look at who is the most effective, just make a pure price judgement – not a great strategy. As you know, a cpm or cost per target measurement is usually the best way to go.
      Thanks again

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