Real-Time Mobile Actions

One of the things people love about their smart phones is their ability to deliver needed information at a moment’s notice.  Many of these real-time decisions can mean business for your organization.  Knowing what activities smart phone owners are participating in can help you mold your mobile strategy and position your goods & services.

• In the past month, over 40% of smart phone owners have coordinated a meeting or get-together via mobile device

• 35% have solved an unexpected problem with their smart phone

• 30% have made a
decision on a what
business to patron
because of their device

• Nearly one-third have used the smart phone to settle an argument

• Almost one in four looked up a sports score

• One in five have gotten up to the minute traffic or public transit information with a smart phone

• 19% have used their device in an emergency situation

What Does This Mean To You

The need for real-time information is a big deal among consumes.  So big that Apple is using it’s “Siri” digital assistant as their main value statement in marketing new iPhones.  Just think of all the ways you use your smart phone over the course of a day – how many times do you just make a call?  Odds are that it’s not a huge percentage of the time.  For more information on how smart phones can create revenue streams for your business, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; Pew Center For Internet & American Life


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