Showrooming Activities

Mobile devices have made it much easier for consumers to find your business and learn about everything you have to offer.  One of the downsides to consumer’s mobile migration is “showrooming”. “Showrooming” is the act of looking at products in brick and mortar stores, but purchasing them online.  A new study has been released that shows us how prevalent “showrooming” is and what actions in-store mobile shoppers take.

• Nearly three-quarters of US consumers say they have used a mobile device in a store as part of the decision process

• Over half of mobile users have stopped an in-store purchase because of their mobile device

• Nearly 40% of those who stopped their purchase did so  because they found a better price at a competitor’s store

• 30% stopped because they found a better price online and more than one in five stopped because they found a better
item online

• 11% stopped because of a negative review on the business

• Overall, over one-third of consumers used a mobile device to check prices, 32% take pictures and send them to friends and 20% look for other stores in the area

What Does This Mean To You

While there are some negatives that can come about because of consumers use of mobile devices, overall mobile is a good thing.  There are some things you can do to counteract “showrooming”.  You can match prices or offer free shipping.  Institute a mobile coupon program that not only keeps you top of mind with customers and helps them save money while in your store, they also allow you to create a database of customers.  Since more than one in 10 customers don’t make a purchase because of a negative review, it would be a good idea to do a thorough examination of your social reputation.  Don’t let negative comments, unanswered questions and less than positive experiences cost you another sale.  For more information on strategies to help your business be more successful, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily, IAB


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