Digitally Connecting With Asian-Americans

Businesses are always on the lookout for emerging markets and untapped customer bases.  One target that has not received much attention is the Asian-American consumer.  While Asian-Americans might be the fastest growing racial group in the US, the group is split among very diverse ethnicities.  One of the most efficient ways to forge a relationship with them is digitally.  Digital gives you a variety of tools to create effective targets to get your message out.

• Nearly 80% of Asian Americans are internet users

• Over half are social networkers

• 44% own a smart phone

• 45% access the mobile web


What Does This Mean To You

As a national group, Asian-Americans have a household income 40% higher than the total adult population, are more likely to have children in the household and be college graduates. There are over 55,000 Asian-American adults in Central Florida.  For more information on targeting the audiences you need to reach, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer


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