Digital Attitudes of Asian-Americans

In yesterday’s post, we learned just how digitally savvy Asian-American consumers are.  In today’s post, we’ll examine a report on the attitudes of Asian-American internet users on digital devices.

• 64% of Asian-Americans said that the internet has changed the way they spend their free time – that’s 38% higher than overall internet users

• 61% of Asian-Americans stated that the internet helps them book travel

• Six in 10 said they trust information on websites they have heard a lot about

• 55% indicated that it was important for them to have internet access when they are away from home or work

• Over half believe that the internet has changed the ways they shop for products and believe they are using the internet now more than ever for shopping

• Over 30% think they are sleeping less because of the Internet

What Does This Mean To You

Asian-Americans are digitally engaged.  Their heavy use and trust of the internet can mean positive things for your ecommerce programs.  It all starts with a good targeting plan.  What kind of audience targeting are you currently doing? Targeting can take several forms – behavioral, geographic, lifestyle, ethnicity and content targeting are just a few.  Targeting can help you create the most effective and efficient marketing campaigns possible.  For more information on the many different ways you can target audiences, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Emarketer; Experian


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