Moms Are Tech Savvy

In 1966,, The Rolling Stones released “Mother’s Little Helper” as a single.  While it may have been over 45 years ago, moms still need help to get through their busy day – but it might not be little yellow pills that are giving them the assistance they need.  Technology has stepped into that role.  A recent study
reveals some interesting things about moms & technology.

• Over 90% of moms access the internet.  On average, moms spend over 2:40 minutes a day online

• On average, moms have 4 internet connected devices in their home

• Moms are 38% more likely than the average consumers to own a tablet computer

• Over six in 10 moms are smart phone owners

• From 2011 to 2012, smart phone ownership among moms jumped nearly 70%

• Over 90% of moms say they keep their smart phone within a arm’s length at
all times

• In the past month, over half of moms with Internet access has visited YouTube

• 52% have shared a YouTube video in the past month

What Does This Mean To You

Moms are a valuable audience for your business and they are increasingly becoming digitally connected.  Their engagement with mobile and online video gives you a great pathway to reach them.  Over half of Metro Orlando women with children in their household own a smart phone and nearly 40% watch video on either a mobile or desktop device. They are also more likely than the market to have shopped via mobile device or to have made an online purchase in the past year.  For more information on how you can leverage the lucrative mom market , please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Edison Research; Arbitron; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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