Deal Oriented Moms

Over the past couple of years, deals programs have become one of the ways consumers save money. Moms, very often being the keepers of the household purse strings, are on the look-out for ways to stretch the family budget. So it just makes sense that deals programs are one of the places moms are turning for savings.

• Nearly 30% of moms are registered with a daily deal program

• Moms are nearly twice as likely as consumers as a whole top take part in daily deals

• Over 90% of moms who are registered with a deal program are registered with Groupon, 36% use LivingSocial and 11% use a different provider

• 26% of moms in deals programs purchased deals from a business they already patronize

• Nearly one in four moms in a deals program visited a business because there was a deal and continue to do businesses with them

• Just over one-third of moms participating in deals programs tried a business because of the deal, but haven’t returned

What Does This Mean To You

We’ve shown you how important moms are as a consumer base. In Metro Orlando, nearly half of all participants in deals programs are women with children in their households. They are a great way to aquire new customers, including the important mom segment. Six in 10 moms tried a business because of a deal. For more information on how deals programs can help your business acquire new customers and ways to keep them shopping at your location,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Edison Research; Arbitron; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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