High Tech Babysitters

The long Memorial Day weekend is passed. That means schools will be getting out soon and the start of the summer travel season.  While many of us remember the cross-country road trips to see relatives – being put in the way-back of the station wagon and hearing our folks often say “don’t make me pull over”, today’s parents have high-tech tools that would have been very much appreciated back then.  A new survey on the digital devices that moms use as in-vehicle babysitters will probably make you question whether today’s kids even know about the license plate game.

• Nearly half of moms use a car DVD or video player to kid kids engaged while on a car trip

• Four in 10 use a Nintendo DS

• Almost 40% use a smart phone

• Over one in four keep kids entertained with an iPad or other tablet device

• 25% employ an iPod

• Nearly one in five give kids a laptop or netbook to use

• 16% use an ereader device

•  15% use an iPod Touch

What Does This Mean To You

Kids may not make lots of purchases themselves, but they certainly influence much of what parents buy.  If you have products that are youth focused, digital devices give you a great avenue to get your message out there.  With so many parents employing tablets and smart phones, look for youth-oriented apps and games as a delivery agent.  Also, now is the time to start promoting items like portable DVD players and video game systems.  For more information on digitally connecting with travelers,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Mom Central Consulting


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