Smart Phone Shoppers And Grocery Stores

We’ve had many posts showing how important smart phones are as shopping companions.  A new study has been released that focuses on smart phone shoppers and their behaviors at grocery & drug stores. The study brings up several interesting points about these “smart” shoppers, particularly with regard to mobile promotions.

• Three-quarters of consumers would switch brands if they were offered real-time promotions delivered to their smart phones while they were shopping

• Over 80% of 25 to 34 year old smart phone shoppers would be willing to switch brands if they received an offer from a competitive brand while they were in the store

• Over eight in 10 of “smart” shoppers have a prepared list when they go to a grocery or drug store, less than 10% list specific brands to purchase

• 76% of “smart” shoppers make decisions based on price & value

• Promotions and getting the most for their money was a determining factor for nearly 60% of consumers

• Over half said the ability to use coupons impacted their buying decisions

• Less than four in 10 indicated said that brand loyalty played a part in what they bought

• Just over one in four noted that the availability of generic or store brands impacted their purchase decisions and 22% bought new products from existing or emerging brands

What Does This Mean To You

This study might have focused on the activities of “smart” grocery & drug store shoppers, but the conclusions are transferable to many types of businesses.

• Consumers may not be a as brand dependant as once thought – With economic conditions as they are, discounts or promotions may sway shoppers into competitive brands

• Geo-location makes a difference – Smart phones give you the ability to create interactions where ever shoppers are.  Delivering messages to them when they are in store can bring your brand attention

• Coupons are still an influence – Over half of shoppers said that coupons impact their purchase decisions

There are several real-world applications that can be used by all kinds of businesses.  If you own a restaurant, you could deliver a geo-located offer for an up-sell.  If you own a retail store, talk to your vendors and see if there is any co-op programs that will help you brand you store paired with a coupon that saves shoppers money.  If you are in a shopping plaza with competitive stores, a geo-located offer could attract shoppers to your store vs. a competitors. For more information on how geo-location of your message can help you see bigger results, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: AisleBuyer


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