Shoppers Hate To Wait

One of the things that technology has done is lower the amount of patience we have. We now live in a real-time, on-demand world.  Anything that gets in the way of consumers making purchases or gaining the information they want is seen as a huge imposition. Waiting in line is one if those things that really get on shoppers nerves.

• Over half of shoppers hate to wait in line at grocery stores and mass retailers

• Nearly 30% hate to wait at drugs stores and over a quarter don’t like to wait at quick service restaurants and clubs stores

• 40% of smart phone shoppers will abandon their in-store purchase if the lines are too long

• Over 20% will not make a purchase if there are no registers open for immediate purchase

• Six in 10 “smart” shoppers said they would pay via mobile device if it meant they wouldn’t have to wait in line

What Does This Mean To You

Smart phones are all about convenience – they make it easy for consumers to research, find and buy the products they want.  Anything your business can do to incorporate this on-the-go technology to make shoppers lives easier will pay huge dividends.  Think forward on incorporating new technology such as mobile wallet applications and scan-&-pay QR codes.  Also, think about any services that allow shoppers to buy items online or via mobile device and pick them up in store – eliminating the need for them to wait in line  For more information on how mobile can help you attract more customers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: AisleBuyer


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