Graduation Gifting Grows

Graduation is a special time in people’s lives.  Whether it’s people graduating from high school or college, it’s a time of transition. This year, graduates will be grabbing more than just diplomas, they’ll be getting more gifts than in previous years.

• Graduation spending is projected to exceed $4.7 billion this year

• One in three Americans are anticipated to purchase a graduation gift in 2012

• Year over year, spending on graduations is expected to increase by over 30%

• On average, Americans will spend just under $100 on graduation gifts this year

• Cash is the most popular gift, nearly 60% of people will give graduates money, cards ranked second (41%) and gift cards came in number three (33%).  Hopefully, the cards had either cash or a gift card in it.

What Does This Mean To You

Graduates could mean all kinds of business for a wide range of companies.  Whether it’s new clothes for people entering the work world to dorm furniture for those off to college – someone graduating can create an array of consumer spending.  To leverage business from the actual graduation ceremonies themselves – position any gift cards you have near your greeting cards.  If you are a florist, promote any graduation specials you may have.  Also, going out after the ceremony is a time honored tradition.  If you are a restaurant, you may want to think about promoting a special offer for graduation parties.  The key to all of this is targeting.  For more information on engaging graduates, their parents or grandparents, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: National Retail Federation


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