SMS Delivers A Great Response Rate

Texting isn’t just for kids. Over half of adults in the U.S. use mobile devices to text. New research has been reported that shows how large the text audience is and how effective it can be to drive sales results to your business.

• SMS messaging produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than email when it comes to data collection, offer redemption and brand awareness

• Mobile programs, such as text, produce a conversion rate of 23%

• Mobile databases currently make up 2 to 10% of retailers current email databases

• Nationally, over seven in 10 adults age 18-34 send or receive texts

• Texters are also more likely to work in White-Collar occupations, have children in their household and are home owners

What Does This Mean To You

Adults who text are a valuable audience for your business. Permission based SMS campaigns give you the ability to connect with consumers on virtually a one on one level. Why do they deliver such high engagement rates? It’s all about targeting and permission. They have signed up to get offers from businesses and offers can be tailored to specific shoppers needs through CRM efforts. The local audience for texters is quite robust, well over sixty percent of Metro Orlando adults send or receive texts.

Texters in Metro Orlando are more likely than the market to:

• Have taken a domestic of foreign flight in the past 12 months

• Buy a vehicle in the next year

• Buy furniture in the next year

For more information on how you can develop a winning permission based SMS campaign and drive more traffic to your location, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Cellit; The 2011 Scarborough Multi-Market Report, Release 1; The 2012 Scarborough Report, Release 1


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