Email is Consumer’s Top Contact Tool

Did you know that 90% of internet users receive at least one permission based email everyday from a company.  But email isn’t just a one-way communication from businesses to shoppers. It’s also the primary way that consumers interact with companies.

• 75% of internet users have provided feedback or contacted a business via email

• Over half say email is their preferred method of communication

• 66% have called a business and less that 40% have written a letter to a business

• Less than 30% have used Facebook or another social network to provide feedback to a company – but younger consumers are moving more towards social networks as a response mechanism

• Over one in four of 18-24 year olds have used Facebook to communicate with a brand or company – that is over twice the percentage of adults age 25-34

• The most active groups using email as a way to contact companies were 35-44 year olds and the 55-64 age bracket.  56% of both of these groups provided feed back or communicated with businesses

What Does This Mean To You

Whether consumers are venting, praising, complaining or offering suggestions – they prefer to communicate through email.  The question is, how do you respond? If a patron has taken the time to provide feedback, positive or negative, they are engaged with your business.  If they didn’t care they wouldn’t take the time.  Not responding to consumer gives the impression that you don’t care.  This can lead to negative postings through social media and other digital word of mouth.  Last year, we provided research that showed how comments through social networks can affect your business. By thanking customers for their positive feedback will help extend their loyalty to you.  Responding to negative comments you can mitigate damage and may get that customer to return to your business.  One thing to remember is that tone is often lost through electronic communication.  Something innocuous could very easily come across negatively.  It’s a good idea to have another person review responses, especially responses to negative comments.  For more information on communicating with customers via email, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Maritz


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