Smart Phones Set To Increase Their Influence

Recently we’ve posted information about the increases in smart phone penetration.  With more people interacting with mobile devices, it’s only natural that smart phones will be an increasing influence on how people make purchases.  A report shows some surprising information on just how much influence smart phones will have in the coming years.

• Currently, smart phones are estimated to influence 5% of retail sales or nearly $160 billion in retail sales

• By 2016, that number is expected to increase greatly. Mobile influenced sales are projected to hit nearly $690 billion  or 19% of retail store sales

• The store category where smart phones are expected to have the most influence is in the electronic/appliance area.  Current influence is at 8% but is anticipated to grow to approximately 30%

• The other categories expected to see major growth are the general merchandise/department store segment, clothing/footwear arena, food & beverage business and the books/music area

What Does This Mean To You

Smart phones influence your business in many ways. From consumers searching and finding your location to researching & comparing prices to even posting and reading social comments about your company.  Is your business ready for everything that entails? Some questions to think about. Is your site mobile-ly optimized? Have you tested your site on a variety of mobile platforms? What is your mobile marketing strategy? Is your staff up-to-speed on your mobile offerings? Does your social media strategy have a mobile component? The number of consumers relying on mobile for information is growing rapidly, having solid plans in place will help you leverage everything mobile can
offer your business, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte Consulting


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