Smart Phone Engagement While Shopping

Consumers use their smart phones for a variety of reasons while shopping.  Their consumer activity ranges from checking prices to checking reviews.  While many retailers have become very vary of the practice of “showrooming”, there is new research available that shows that smart phones may help convert shoppers into making in-store purchases.

• Over 60% of smart phone owners reported using their devices while shopping, over half used them for shopping related activities while on the way to the store

• Nearly half of shoppers said that their smart phones influenced them to make an in-store purchase

• Smart phone owners are 14% more likely to convert to an in-store purchase than those who do not own a smart phone

• Shoppers who use a retailer’s mobile app were 21% more likely to convert to an in-store purchase

• Consumers who were most influenced by their mobile devices were 14 to
34 years old – 55% of them  said that smart phones influenced their
purchase decisions

What Does This Mean To You

While “Showrooming” can definitely impact your business, how your organization utilizes mobile technology may have a bigger impact.  By fully embracing the functionality of smart phones and realizing how much consumers rely on them – you can utilize mobile technology to your advantage.
Apps, QR codes, mobile coupons and permission-based SMS campaigns can keep shoppers in your locations and deliver great results.  You also need to make sure your business is mobile-ly optimized.  This means everything from having a mobile site to offering in-store wifi to training your staff on the mobile offerings your businesses has.  For more information on how you can get the most out of mobile, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte Consulting


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