Consumers And Mobile Video Ads

Mobile devices are on the verge of overtaking standard machines as the public’s main point of internet access.  As consumers rapidly shift to a mobile first mindset, new research has come out that shows what kinds of ads mobile consumers respond to.  Knowing what ads capture mobile user’s attention will help you build and keep top of mind awareness.

• Over 40% of mobile
users were likely to focus on video ads

• Over half said video ads were the ads most likely to grab their attention

• More than one-third said that video ads were the most enjoyable form of mobile advertising

• 11% of mobile users said they paid attention to sponsored stories or links

• Mobile pop up ads garnered the smallest amount of attention; just 5% of mobile users paid noticed them

What Does This Mean To You

With mobile becoming more important and so many companies recognizing that consumers are using mobile devices, making your message stand out is paramount.  Mobile video and rich media ads will set your message apart and grab user’s attention.  Consumers are likely to view mobile video more as content than as advertising, giving your message more cache.  One thing to remember is load times.  If consumers have to wait for the video to load, there’s a good chance they will dump out and never see your message.  For more information on mobile video and making an impact with consumers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Prosper Mobile Insights; Biginsight


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