Social Media And SMBs

Social media success is not just for national businesses and regional companies. Small businesses can have great success leveraging social networks, fans
and followers

• Currently just over half of small businesses are using social media

• Nearly nine in 10 believe that exposure is the biggest benefit

• 19% of companies use Facebook, 15% use LinkedIn and 4% utilize Twitter

• Just 12% think social media is a must, 24% only get pay attention to their
social media when they have time and 14% admit they don’t know enough
about social media

• Only one-third of SMBs track their social ROI

What Does This Mean To You?

Social media can help your small business move the needle.  It may seem like a good bit of work to integrate a social media strategy, but the payoff can be well worth it.

• Nearly half of consumers are at least somewhat likely to make purchases from businesses they “like” or follow

• 80% of consumers in the US prefer to connect with brands through Facebook

• 40% of consumers would rather use their social login rather than create new  or guest accounts

With social media, the juice is worth the squeeze.  Your customers are using it, once they “like” or follow your business they are more likely to buy from them and its shoppers preferred way of interacting with companies.  Social media can not only give you the testimonial strength of your national competitors, it
can help you cultivate localism and deliver better customer service.  As a small business, you can more easily manage your reputation and create meaningful offers.  For more information on how social media marketing can be made easy and profitable for small businesses, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source:; Kalena Jordan,;; MediaBistro


4 responses to “Social Media And SMBs

  1. Social Media is key to any business whether small, medium or large. As per research just by having a facebook page or a twitter account does not make an organization social media enabled. To make your business social media enabled requires first step of making your online presence i.e your website social media enabled. Now a days, social login services like are really helping the businesses achieving the same and businesses are able to identify the benefits of the same

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