Improving Your Social Intitiatives

Yesterdays post talked about the objectives companies have for their social media and how they measure success.  Today, we’ll look into the social tactics that companies are planning to invest in for the future.  Over half of adults nationwide have visited a social network in the past month.  Social media is no longer a niche platform that you can ignore.  Fully engaging the capabilities that social media can offer will bring you success. But social media has developed rapidly and shifts quickly.  Many companies don’t know where to start. A new research study collected information from companies to see how they plan on improving their social tactics.  Knowing what others are planning can help you develop strategies that create profitable social campaigns.

• Two-thirds of companies plan on increasing their presence across all social media platforms

• 56% will be increasing the frequency of which they publish content

• Half want to better integrate social marketing into their overall marketing initiatives

• Nearly 40% are plan on more robust social media monitoring and social marketing management

• 35% will be doing more integration with social media marketing and the rest of their organization

• More than one in four will be increasing their social mobile social
media presence

What Does This Mean To You?

New social entities and the new features that networks offer come up every day.
Think about it two years ago, Pinterest had not even been unveiled and now it’s the number 3 social network.  And how many people heard of Instagram last year, now it’s adding users at record rates.

What things can your business do to be socially successful?

• Stay socially up to date – There are many resources that can help you stay on top of the changing social landscape.  Also talk to your customers, find out the networks they use

• Provide valuable content – What do you post and how often do you post? Social networking is a connection point between you and customers.  If they are not engaged, they will not feel connected to you

• Keep your messaging consistent – What you do with social media should reflect your overall marketing strategy.  Do not let your social campaigns become rogue elements that confuses your target market

• Watch what is said about you – Your social reputation is very valuable.  Negative comments and posts can cost you customers.  Take care of unanswered questions and customer experience issues

• Market internally and externally – How many employees follow you socially, what about your vendors? Get them involved, let them be your first wave of social evangelists

• Go mobile – Make sure your social offerings look good on mobile devices. There are several new social networks that are mobile-centric or mobile-only.  Look into these to see how you can benefit from them.

For more information on growing your business through social media,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Awareness


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