Small Businesses Using Digital Marketing

Earlier this week, we shared a post on how small and medium businesses are increasing or maintain their digital investment, but not thinking about mobile.  Today we’ll look at how small and medium businesses  are marketing themselves and the number of channels they are using.

• Nationally, small businesses are using nearly 6 channels to create awareness and drive traffic

• Since last year, the number of different ways small and medium businesses are marketing themselves has increased by over 30%

• The top marketing channel for SMBs is Facebook

•Over 30% use the local newspaper, 27% are involved in community sponsorships and one in four use email marketing

• More than 20% are on Google Places, one in eight use web video and 14% utilize online banners

What Does This Mean To You?

Facebook maybe the preferred tool for small and medium businesses to get their name out, how effective is it?
Social media marketing is more than just creating a Facebook page.  To get the most out of social networks, your business needs a strategy.  Just some things to think about:

• Do your social sites have specific goals?

• What is your business doing to cultivate your ‘Likers” and followers?

• How are you turning positive comments into virtual testimonials?

• How are you dealing with negative comments?

• Do you create unique content, how often do you post it?

These are just a few questions to find out if you are fully optimizing your social offerings.  For more information on how to turn you social presence into a revenue,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; BIA/Kelsey


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