Restaurants And Mobile Activities

Consumers who own mobile devices are rarely without them.  This high level of engagement makes them a huge asset for most restaurants.  Restaurants in particular can benefit from mobile marketing. A new study has been released that details how restaurants can benefit from consumer’s mobile activities.

• Nationwide, half of frequent diners (those eating out 4 or more times a month) own a smart phone or tablet

• Mobile device owners who dine out frequently are twice as likely to have conducted a search on their device

• Nearly 7 in 10 adults who own a mobile device have searched for a restaurant

• Two-thirds have looked for directions to a restaurant

• Just over half have look up a restaurant’s phone number

What Does This Mean To You?

While this study talks specifically about restaurant goers use of mobile devices, there are takeaways that can be beneficial to most businesses.

• Consumers are using smart phones to search for businesses

• The research they engage in can specifically affect their behavior

• Mobile activities are impacted by other digital strategies

Your companies social & search tactics can impact how well mobile technology works for your company.
For more information on creating winning mobile solutions that will bring customers to your business,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; xAd; Telemetrics

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