Shopping On Thanksgiving Day

Many American’s will spend Thanksgiving afternoon on the couch in a tryptophan stupor watching Tony Romo and RGIII go at it in the NFL’s second game of the day.  Others though, will be probably be on the couch getting a head start on their holiday shopping.  New research shows that many consumers could be lured online on Thanksgiving – if the discounts were worth it.

• 52% of consumers said they would shop online on Thanksgiving if they got discounts

• One in five said they were very likely and nearly one-third said they were somewhat likely to shop

• Fewer than 30% said they were not interested, even if they received discounts

• Last year, consumers spent nearly $480 billion online on Thanksgiving Day

• While consumers may want to shop online – the vast majority of consumers were not interested in shopping in-store on Thanksgiving Day.  Nearly 90% said that retailers should not open on Thanksgiving

What Does This Mean To You?

Considering the holidays represent such a large portion of many businesses overall retail sales, extending customers purchasing opportunities makes perfect sense.  Also, many consumers start shopping well before Thanksgiving.  While many consumers say they don’t want to shop on Thanksgiving day – this year many major retailers will be opening their doors Thanksgiving afternoon.  This may work for big box retailers, small and medium businesses will have a hard time doing the same.  Work-force issues alone might not make it worth your while.  But, mcommerce and ecommerce gives you the ability to fulfill customer needs and possibly get sales you might not otherwise realize.  You can use Thanksgiving Day online coupons as part of a loyalty program to increase your database and create additional sales later.  For more information on generating more money this holiday season, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Accenture; The About Group; IBM


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