Social Media and Holiday Shopping

Social media has become a major influence on consumers. In yesterday’s post, we showed information on where consumers learn about holiday gifts – social media being one of those influences. Today, we’ll look at how consumers are using social media when making holiday purchases.

shutterstock_101250643• Nearly half of all holiday shoppers use social media during the purchase process

• The top reason consumers used social media was to find discounts – 54% of consumers who used social media during the holiday purchasing did so to find a discount or offer

• Over half researched gift ideas

• 47% read reviews

• 43% checked to see what family and friends wanted as gifts

• Just over four in 10 browsed products

• Nearly 30% posted comments or shared links

• More than one in four visited a retailer’s fan page

What Does This Mean To You?

Your social networking sites are often the face of your business. Make sure that you promote your offers and discounts there as well as your desktop and mobile sites. For holidays, it may make sense to create special social network pages linked from your main page. This will give you the opportunity to create unique selling and messaging opportunities.
Nearly half of social consumers are looking at reviews and over a quarter make comments – these activities can have a direct bearing on whether the shoppers make a purchase from you. Customers pay attention to social reputations and a large percentage of consumers will not do business with a company who has unanswered questions or issues in their social feeds. Positive comments, on the other hand, serve as virtual testimonials and can help boost business. For more information on using social media to increase sales, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily; Deloitte


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