Mobile Resolutions

Mobile devices continue to play a bigger part in how we live our lives.  They may have started with being communication tools and become a go to information resource, then moved into a purchasing apparatus.  Now, smart phone users are utilizing their devices in making needed changes in their lives. New research has become available that shows the extent that mobile devices are aiding users in keeping their New Year’s Resolutions.

shutterstock_118398442• Nearly 30% of females and almost a quarter of male mobile device owners planned to use their mobile device to help keep their New Year’s Resolutions on track

• The top way users planned to employ their devices was by helping them be on time, three-quarters of those who planned to track answered that way

• Almost two-thirds said that they would use mobile devices to better stay in touch with people

• Roughly 40% thought they would use smart phones & tablets to read more and stay organized

• Four in 10 also indicated that mobile devices would help them get healthier through calorie counting apps

• One-third believed that their mobile device can help with stress relief and saving money through couponing

• Fitness tracking, meeting new people and quitting smoking were other ways they were going to employ their smart phones & tablets

What Does This Mean To You?

Mobile devices have become embedded in our lives.  The more consumers use them, the higher they set the bar for their mobile experience.
When was the last time you critically looked at the way your mobile
site operates?
Are their functions you want it to perform that it doesn’t?
Have you asked your customers if they use your mobile site and how they think?
Have you asked them if there are functions they might like to see?
Keeping your customers engaged is paramount to ensure a great mobile
user experience.
With so many companies competing in the mobile space, you want to make sure you are not behind the pack.  For more information on how to stay ahead of the competition mobile-ly, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Propser Mobile Insights


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