iPad Usage Climbing

Apple’s iPad may not have been the first tablet released but it has certainly been the most influential.  Ever since the first device shipped, all other tablets have been vying for the title “iPad killer”. New data has come out that looks at how many iPad users there are and how usage will grow in the future.

● In 2013, it is estimated that there are nearly 66 million iPad users. That’s an increase of 28% over last year

● By 2016, the number of iPad users is projected to grow is expected grow nearly 30% to 85 million users

● Today, roughly 20% of the population has an iPad.  That represents over one in four internet users and 60% of all tablet owners

● Over the next four years, nearly one in four adults are likely to use an iPad.  That equals one in three internet users

● The tablet market is projected to become more crowded.  By 2016, the iPad’s share of the tablet market will slide to 55%.

What Does This Mean To You?

Consumers are becoming much more tablet oriented.  From past posts we’ve seen that tablets are their preferred mobile shopping device.  While they may not be as popular for in-store shopping, they are certainly consumer’s go-to device for couch shopping.  The functionality that tablets provide can give your business a big competitive edge.  The combination of mobile sites and a large screen put everything you have to offer on full display.  One of the trends that will positively affect tablet adoption is device agnostic web design.  Older computer users may not currently feel comfortable using a tablet because of having to learn new navigation.  Device agnostic design will give users the same experience no matter what device they use to access the internet. In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look at email use and tablets.  For more information on how tablets can bring your business more results,  please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer


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