Digital Coupon Use Set To Grow

For years, the time honored tradition of clipping coupons was one of the main ways consumers saved money. Consumers are always looking for ways to save money.  Just as technology has changed the way we research and find the items, it is also changing the ways shoppers save money.  New research has just come out that shows how prevalent digital coupons have become.

• It is estimated that nearly 97 million US consumers use digital coupons

• That represents nearly half of all internet users

• Year over year, there digital coupon use has grown 5%

• Over the next year, digital coupon growth is projected to stay steady at 5%.  That puts the number of digital coupons at over 100 million users equaling half of all internet users

What Does This Mean To You?

From prior posts, we’ve learned just how much ecommerce is growing. With so many people making purchases online, it’s only natural that these shoppers would be digitally interested in saving as well. Digital coupons can help you not only make revenue, but can help you reduce expenses.
Here’s how:

• By posting digital coupons & discount codes to your site, you create additional engagement and keep your business as the place consumers spend money

• By publicizing your offers through your existing marketing channels and digital means, you can cut the expense of using multiple print products to deliver your message

• Optimizing your SEO efforts and integrating digital coupons into your social presences, you can amplify the awareness of the savings you offer

In tomorrow’s post, we’ll further explore digital couponing and the benefits of a go-anywhere mobile savings campaign.  For more information on how to give your message more value to consumers,
please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer


3 responses to “Digital Coupon Use Set To Grow

  1. Hi Al, for a business digital coupons are a great way to offer exclusive online offers to people. They are measurable and you can use a mobile web site/landing page to offer the coupon. I have been creating coupons for clients using Photoshop and to track them placing a code on the coupon that is entered into the PoS at time of checkout. You can also create a barcode fairly simply as well.
    However I have yet to find an online coupon service that is worth the $$. Have you had any success in locating businesses that offer an economical coupon solution?

    • Mark – Thanks for going the conversation. It’s great to hear that your clients are integrating the
      digital coupons into their system. Hopefully it is giving them some great insight into the types of coupons
      that work best and product targeting abilities. As far as online services, I haven’t seen anything lately
      that is up snuff on a national basis. From what I’ve seen the big “deal” services aren’t providing the value
      once did. However, I have heard of some hyperlocal solutions that are delivering some traction for businesses.
      They fall along the church/PTA/neighborhood category.
      Please let me know how your clients are doing with digital coupons and don’t be shy about interacting with the site.

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