Second Screening Creates A Bigger Impact For Your Business

Multitasking is a way of life and it’s not just at work.  We also multitask at home and mobile devices are becoming the ultimate multitasking tool.
Recently, there has been a big buzz about “Second Screening”.  Simply put, it’s using a smart phone, tablet or laptop while watching TV.  It’s not something new, it’s been happening for a while.  Because of the rapid penetration of mobile devices, someone decided it needed a catchy name.  Several research reports have come out recently that look at exactly what “Second Screen” activities are taking place and the results could mean even greater engagement with your media investment.

picture-1• Over 40% of tablet owners and 38% of smart phone owners use their mobile devices while watching TV
every day

• Among those who are “Second Screening”, 45% of smart phone owners and 3 in 10 tablet users are doing something related to the TV show they are watching

• Nearly 40% of smart phone “Second Screeners” are texting, emailing or IMing friends about the ads they saw on the TV show they are watching

• Over one-third of tablet “Second Screeners” looked up information about
the show they were watching and a quarter researched coupons or deals they saw advertised

• “Second Screeners” are also using social media while watching.  Adults age 25-54 were nearly 25% more likely to follow a brand on social networking sites and almost 30% more likely to buy a product online that was featured on TV

What Does This Mean To You?

“Second Screening” activity can help you create more engagement and get bigger results with the audiences you want to reach.
Here’s how:

• When you look at all the media options, adults don’t just spend the most time with TV – they spend the most time with TV advertising.

• This year, over 118 million consumers are expected to shop via smart phones and tablets.  Over 60% of those shoppers are expected to complete a sale via mobile device

• The number of adults who access social media through their mobile device has increased by nearly 25% in the past year.  60% of consumers access their social media on their smart phone or tablet ever day.

Adding a QR code to your message creates a direct link from you to a consumers mobile device.  This gives you the opportunity to drive them to your site, your social media pages, loyalty programs (email signup) or your physical location through mobile coupons – all through a device that is with them nearly every waking minute.

You can also promote your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest presences through logos, mentions and hashtags.

The combination of your message and mobile devices delivers awareness into the palm of potential shopper’s hands & delivers increased results.  For more information on how your business generate additional connection points and revenue, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: Nielsen; Ipsos; eMarketer; MediaPost


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