Smart Phones And Grocery Shopping

Over the holidays, there was a great deal of talk about consumers using smart phones while shopping and the damage that “showrooming” is doing to certain retailers.  In fact, Best Buy reported that up to 40% of its store traffic was consumers who were “showrooming”. New research has come out chronicling one segment of business where mobile devices may actually boost in store sales – groceries.

• Nearly half of all female grocery store shoppers said they are using their smart phones more in store because the apps were quick and easy to use

• Over four in 10 that there are a variety of apps that helps them make choices

• More than one-third said that mobile apps are great meal inspiration tools and help them decide what to buy

• 30% said that their smart phone helps them save money in the grocery store by finding bargains

What Does This Mean To You?

There is no stopping consumers from using mobile devices while shopping in store.  But there are some tactics you can use to direct them towards seeing the value you deliver and the benefit from shopping at your location. QR codes can be a powerful weapon.  Link the codes to positive reviews about the product and your store.  The other thing you can do is link them to an instant discounts or offers that are only good in store.  This can help keep the spending in your location.  In a recent post, we talked about mobile coupons and offers.  These are other solutions that can make “showrooming” a profitable experience for your company.  For more information on how to create results with mobile technology, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer;


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