Non-Profit Organizations Getting more Social

The economic squeeze has affected many non-profit groups.  These organizations are not only looking for the most cost effective way to get out their message; they are also looking for efficient ways to recruit new donors and volunteers.  Social media is one of the avenues that non-profit organizations are using to keep themselves top of mind.

shutterstock_95719285• Nearly 90% of non-profit groups are planning to use social media the same amount or more in the future for marketing purposes

• Over six in 10 plan on using social media more

• Two in five non-profit agencies reported that they devote 6 or more hours per week to social messaging

• The most used form of social media that is utilized by non-profit groups is Facebook, Twitter is the top platform used by groups who frequently communicate via social media

• Over 95% of non-profit organizations use Facebook and more than seven in 10 use Twitter

• 20% of groups use Twitter to send out messages several times a day, 13% use Facebook

What Does This Mean To You?

Most non-profit groups aren’t just efficient; they rely on loyalty to stay afloat. Social media is becoming an increasingly more important tool in helping them cultivate loyalty.  Social media can help you do the same with your customer base.  Loyal customers are the best testimonial for your business.  Social media can turn them into brand evangelists – letting them spread positive information about your business and the products you sell.  Putting together strategies that rewards these customers for sharing, liking and retweeting your messages can be very effective.  This can incrementally increase your voice among consumers. Also, a message shared from a friend holds much more cache than something you might have sent them.  For more information on how to use social media to get bigger results, please contact:
 Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Verticalresponse


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