Who are Digital Medical Researchers?

The internet has become the easiest place for people to research most any subject.  More and more, people are looking up medical information online.
The sheer amount of adults employing digital tools to learn about health
is staggering.

shutterstock_4434508• Six in 10 adults and over 70% of internet
users have researched health information in
the past year.

• Nearly two-thirds of women overall and 80% of online females are digital medical information seekers – women are 21% more likely than men to search online for health information

• Over 70% of adults under 30 and two-thirds of adults 30-39 have gone online for medical information in the past year

• Higher income and better educated adults are also more likely to turn to digital means to research health information

What Does This Mean To You?

If your company is in the health or medical field or makes products that are health related, online should be a place that you market your products.  You should use the other media you use to direct consumers to your web site and social presences. Consumers, because of either embarrassment or finances are looking for ways to avoid visiting the doctor. Digital has become their starting point.  While nothing can currently replace the advice of a well informed Physician, a robust digital campaign can help you create the awareness and trust.  For more information on how to effectively and efficiently reach online health researchers, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; The Pew Internet And American Life Project


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