Digital Video Viewing Continuing To Grow

Online video is one of the most effective ways to get your message out to consumers. Mobile technology has given companies more places for their video content to be seen and allows consumers to share that video with friends. New research has been made available that details how online video is going to grow.

• This year, nearly 180 million
US consumers will watch online
video content, that equals 56% of
the population and over 70% of internet users

• From last year to this year, the number of digital video viewers increased by 7%

• Next year, the number of digital video viewers is expected to climb 5% to nearly 188 million people

• By 2016, it is estimated over 200 million consumers will watch online video – that equal over 6 in 10 US consumers and more than three quarters of internet users

What Does This Mean To You?

The number of tools available for your company to create video expands every day.  It is easier and cheaper to create video today than in the past.  But, just it’s easier to create video doesn’t mean consumers will find it or watch it.  First the video content has to have some sort of value to the consumer.  Demonstrate your products being used and make sure you address your unique selling proposition. Testimonials make great video content and can influence shoppers.  You also need to promote your video content with your existing marketing strategy.  If you don’t tell consumers you have video, it’s not likely they will ever watch it.  For more information on ways to increase your engagement with consumers , please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer


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