Where Do B2B Leads Come From?

Being effective and efficient are 2 keys to running any business, especially small and medium sized enterprises.  When resources are limited, you need to maximize results and not break the bank doing it.  A new report has come out that details what sources provide B2B leads for company web sites.  Knowing where your opportunities are coming from can help you deploy company resources in the most effective manner.

• Over one-third of B2B leads that arrive at company web sites come directly from a potential customer – they typed in the address to their browser

• More than one in four leads came organically – the opportunity came after the customer used a search engine

• 13% of leads came after a referral from another customer

• 11% came through paid search efforts

• 10% of leads were a result of email

• 5% of B2B leads were directed through social media

What Does This Mean To You?

There are some targeted and mass means of directing leads for your business.  Since the largest percentage of leads come directly from customers, making sure your B2B site is listed on all customer facing collateral is imperative.  On your business cards and in your email signature are the two most obvious.  Since mobile is the way more and more people are connecting with companies – integrating a QR code would save these B2B prospects a step.  With so many companies getting leads from search engines, a robust SEO strategy would also be a wise move.  SEO and email give you the ability to target your message and create specific opportunities based on search subjects and information you already have from the customer (creating email based on past purchase habits or information gained when the recipient signed up for the email). Referrals may provide a smaller percentage of leads, but these are often the easiest to convert.  If a potential shopper contacted you because of someone’s recommendation – someone who they trust has already given you a vote of confidence.  Developing a referral program can help you create more of these opportunities that create a buzz about your business and provide more valuable leads.  In tomorrow’s post, we’ll look at where traffic from B2B sites originate.  For more information about creating better results for your business, please contact
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Optify


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