Where Does B2B Traffic Come From?

In yesterday’s post, we examined the channels that drove leads to B2B web sites.  Today, we’ll look into what sources drive traffic to small and medium businesses’ B2B sites.  By maximizing the traffic you can drive to your site, you don’t just increase awareness of everything you provide – you also are likely to get more leads.

• Over 40% of traffic to SMB B2B sites is organic – it comes from search engines

• Another 40% comes directly from clients typing the address into the browser

• 12% comes from referrals

• 2% comes from social media and less than 1% is generated from emails

What Does This Mean To You?

Does your business have a specific channel set up for B2B customers or are you using the strategies you employ to reach B2C customers?  The way you appeal to B2B clients is often different from B2C consumers. If you don’t have a specific strategy to handle the B2B side of the business, odds are that clients will have no clue you offer B2B services.  Search engines are the main traffic drivers for most small and medium business to business sites.  A strong search engine strategy is very important in creating awareness of any businesses B2B options.  The combination of a robust SEO component, paid search and search engine advertising are things that should be investigated.  For more information on driving traffic to your B2B site, please contact:
Al Fiala

Source: eMarketer; Optify


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